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I consider myself a Star Trek fan. I've seen all of the series starting with The Original Series, all the movies, even those made by J.J.Abrahms and once I almost got my wife to divorce me because I was watching Star Trek series non stop when I came home. And yet, there is a parallel Star Trek universe I knew nothing about until now, when reading Phil Plait's blog entry about Star Trek Continues and searching the web I stumbled upon this (really) hidden frontier of Star Trek.

Having just watched the first episode, I have to say that it is not much worse than the original 1967 low budget Star Trek series. The script and stage props and even most acting was consistent to what I expected from the first series. The only problem are the actors, all of them fans that do this for fun rather than profit and therefore not the best in the world. But they grow on you. The "Pilgrim of Eternity" episode continues a TOS episode that involved the god Apollo. I found it interesting and nice that the actor that played the aged Apollo was actually the actor playing the god in the original episode. Also part of the crew are Christopher Doohan, son of late James Doohan and playing his father's role, and Grant Imahara, which you may know from the Mythbusters team. Even Marina Sirtis, the annoying Deanna Troi from Star Trek Next Generation is acting as the computer voice. Overall I can say that I liked it, especially in this "free for all" format that I personally expected to take over the Internet a while ago, the way "apps" took over mobiles. Turns out I was wrong, but not completely, as you well see.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Searching on IMDb I found out there are many other Star Trek projects that I had no idea existed. Here is a list:

I expect most of this to be horrible, but look at all the effort! A lot of information about this parallel Star Trek universe seems to be available here: Star Trek Expanded Universe and as you have seen most of the series above are under the Hidden Frontier umbrella. You can see a list of shows and their episodes here: Star Trek Hidden Frontier episodes


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