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Petru Jucovschi was nice enough to invite me to a software development training organised by Microsoft and partly presented by him. The first of the two days of training was about the theory behind software development practices like agile development and CMMI, part presented by Victor Mihail from Trilex. The second was about the Team System Foundation Server and Visual Studio 2008 Team Edition integrating for a better software development practice.

Well, I am working on remembering everything that was said and done and I will make some longer posts that will describe at length what was presented.
As a short summary, I was familiar with a lot of the concepts from the first part, since I've done a little research into agile development in order to pass it on to my managers. The theory and principles behind Agile were detailed, then the major Agile methodologies were described, including eXtreme Programming, Scrum and (very shortly) MSF. Also concepts of Test Driven Development.
The second part was also partly known to me as I have seen another similar presentation at the previous RONUA meeting, but this time it lasted for 8 hours, so I had the opportunity to ask questions and see things done step by step. Basically, TFS is the tool that combines project management, business analysis, architecture, development, debugging and testing into a single useful bunch. The issue tracking is linked to reporting, integrated with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel and concepts like Continuous Integration are directly available along a better source control solution than Visual Source Safe. Bottom line, I can barely wait to start work in a rational, managed way.

Stay tuned for the details.


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