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book cover I wasn't expecting much from this book, as another from the same page offering free books from their authors was kind of disappointing. However, this is a true book: it is long enough, well written, with developed characters and with an end that delivers closure to all the story arcs. Indeed, it closes all of them so well that is kind of weird to see that it is part of a series, containing the same characters no less. I mean, come on, how many times can the same people save the planet? Shut up, Marvel!

It was surprising to me to find out that Breakthrough was Michael C. Grumley's debut book. It is professionally written. Nothing exceptional, mind you, but nothing you can possibly find wrong with it. And the subject of the book was complex and interesting, involving talking dolphins, undersea aliens, covert military operations (no, it is not a Seaquest ripoff), which reminded me a little of Creatures of the Abyss.

The ending was a bit rushed, I guess, and contained that annoying trope "You are not yet ready, humans!". Fuck you, aliens, if all you've got to show for your evolution are plans to either destroy or patronize us! Plus some crowd pleasing death avoidance which felt wrong. But overall it was a good book, way above what I would call average. Since it is offered for free, you can download it and read it right now. And if you like it, the author offers even more free stuff on his site.


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