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The main characters in a group  If you liked Death Note, you will like The Promised Neverland. It's all about outsmarting your opponent and staying one step ahead to keep alive. If you like, this is the child of Death Note and The Island, the one with Obewan McGregor. The plot, though, is really convoluted and the "smart" things people do are not that smart. In the end, it becomes kind of boring. But it was a decent manga and anime, with a lackluster live adaption as well, but which was well received. So what do I know?

  Amazon apparently wants to do an American live action series. Why?

  The story happens in a classy orphanage where children 6 to 12 years old live happily waiting to be assigned to a family. Only this is actually a brain farm for feeding demons. Yeah, stick with me. Some kids find out and they try to make a plan to escape, while their mom/warden/brain dealer tries to outsmart them. I liked the anime's first season, have read a little of the manga from then on, but I do suggest the first season of the anime is the only thing you need to watch, and only if you like this kind of stuff.

  I've also fast forwarded the Japanese live action adaption and it's pretty much the same, with some extra scenes that prepare some of what happens next. Also, with some really weird casting choices and TERRIBLE wigs. So I guess even the Japanese mess manga adaption up :) Schadenfreude improperly felt!

  Bottom line: might not be bad, but the most interesting part is the premise, rather than the execution.


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