Two short points I'd like to make about working with WPF in Visual Studio 2008:
  1. In order to see Binding errors, you need to open the Output window while the app is running, since any binding error is silently dropped, but displayed there. There is also a Binding property called FallbackValue which you can set to "ERRRROOOORRR!!" :)
  2. XML files are seldom unformatted or having weird spaces and extra lines. Yet, there is not context menu for XML editors like the Format in ASP.Net as*x files. However, the option (and many more) is available in the Edit -> Advanced menu.
    • Format entire document: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D
    • Format selection: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F
  3. Unfortunately, some of the useful commands are just set up in the Options menu, like what to do with extra lines. So go to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> XAML -> Formatting.
    • To set it so that the XML is auto formatted at completion of start/end tag or when pasting code, go to the General option
    • To get rid of extra empty lines, go to the Spacing option and choose either Collapse multiple empty lines in content to a single line or Remove empty lines in content


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