Short (but true) story: I was compiling this solution with a lot of projects in it. And one of these projects had some post-build events set to run which copied the resulting dll in an Assemblies folder. Only it failed.

On building the project I was getting an error: The command "[Complete command]" exited with code 1.

What was weird about it is that if I copied the command in a batch file and ran it, it would work perfectly. After trying a zillion things I've stumbled upon the condition of build events Run the post-build event: which was set to On successful build. I set it to Always and voila, it worked.

But I still needed to know what was going on, especially since it would make no sense to run the copy command if the build has failed. So I switched it back to On successful build. Surprize! It also worked.

Therefore, the silly solution for a problem that doesn't make much sense is to switch to always run the build events, build successfully, then switch back and build again. Fun!


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