Well, you might laugh out loud when you read this, but it is an achievement for me. I wanted to update a table (table A) which had a connection to another table (table B) through a many to many table (table A2B). I had changed A2B to link A to a new table C. I wanted to reflect that change in my Entity Model.

So the first step was to right click on the model and do an "Update Model from Database". Then went through all the steps and clicked Finish. Now entity A has both a collection of Bs and a collection of Cs. I wanted to delete the B collection but, to my chagrin, no delete option was available.

The epiphany came when I managed to select the graphical link from entity A to entity B. The link has the delete option! Which, I have to admit, does make sense. So whenever you want to remove an association between entities... well, select the association and delete it, not the entity properties.


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