Amirthalingam Prasanna's article about the transactional model in NET 2.0.

As far as I understand, the old declarative ADO.NET Begin/RollBack/CommitTransaction model has become obsolete and a new TransactionScope model is used in NET 2.0. You have to add the System.Transactions.dll file to your references.

Basically, the C# code is like this:

using (TransactionScope scope=new TransactionScope
(scopeOption,transactionOptions,interopOption)) {
// do database ops

// if everything is alright

scopeOption is an enum of type TransactionScopeOption, with the options Required (requires a transaction and uses if there is already on open), RequiresNew (always opens a new transaction), Suppress (don't use a transaction, even if one is open)

transactionOptions is of type TransactionOptions which has two interesting properties: IsolationLevel and Timeout.

interopOption is an enum of type EnterpriseServicesInteropOption and specifies how distributed transactions interact with COM+ transactions.

But what about the old NET1.1 framework? Doesn't it have something like that? Here comes Alexander Shirshov with help:
TransactionScope in .NET 1.1


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