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book cover The Blinding Knife continues the story of Kip the bastard, Gavin/Dazen Guile the genius god-like Prism and just about every other person alive a mere mortal. It is just as entertaining as the first book, although more focused on action than lore. A lot of new concepts are explored here, like colors that are not on the spectrum but can be drafted, other gods, other chromatic skills, but, as fantasy focused on little boys taught us, always unexplained, mysterious, too young to understand, people dying before they can finish their sentence, etc. I hate that cliché and I really hope people would stop using it so much. I am talking to you, Brent Weeks!

Anyway, I can't say anything more about the story or the style or the author than I did when I read the first book in the Lightbringer series. It's a continuous story, split in book sized volumes. I will start reading the next book in the saga momentarily. I recommend the writing style and I like the attention to detail and the lore, although after a while the boy genius recipe feels more and more like a Japanese manga and less than a real story.


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