As you know, the uberuseful tool Reflector, originally developed by Lutz Roeder, was bought by Red Gate, with promises that the tool will always remain free for its users. Of course, the first thing they did is to create a commercial version of it with some extra features, but they did keep their word by allowing people to use a free version. Recently they changed their minds again, practically saying "Fuck you, developers!" and asking for money for any version of Reflector. The community was outraged.

Enter Jetbrains, my favourite company, the one that would have replaced Google and Microsoft at the top of the development world if they weren't so busy actually developing. They are also the makers of ReSharper, which you should download and use if you are any decent C# programmer. What did they think of this Reflector fiasco? They've decided to build a version of their own! They did bundle it in ReSharper 6, which is a commercial tool, but then... they promised to make it a free standalone tool! Thumbs up, guys!

Here is the blog entry announcing this: ReSharper 6 Bundles Decompiler, Free Standalone Tool to Follow


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