Acquires, purchases, whatever... they paid for it and they will have it. Sun will have MySql. Does that mean that they want to go towards easily usable SQL servers or that they want to compete with Oracle? PostgreSQL would have been a more appropriate choice in that case. Will MySql for Java be like SQL server is for .NET ? Anyway, 1 billion dollars is selling short, I think. Youtube was two. Is a media distribution software more important than a database server?

Here is the official announcement.

Small quote: MySQL's open source database is the "M" in LAMP - the software platform comprised of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl often viewed as the foundation of the Internet. Sun is committed to enhancing and optimizing the LAMP stack on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows along with OpenSolaris and MAC OS X. The database from MySQL, OpenSolaris and GlassFish, together with Sun's Java platform and NetBeans communities, will create a powerful Web application platform across a wide range of customers shifting their applications to the Web.


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