Among my most disgusting duties is creating setup projects, mostly with Visual Studio. One thing I've stumbled upon is the way to pass arguments to Custom Actions.

Imagine you want to add parameters containing spaces like:
/dir "[ProgramFiles]" /dir2 "[MyDocuments]"
In the custom action arguments box write this:
/dir "[ProgramFiles]\" /dir2 "[MyDocuments]

That's the only way I could make it work. I still don't have any idea why.
So if you want to have a parameter with spaces in it, add a quot in front of it, but don't add one at the end. If you need to have other parameters after this one, end the quot block with backslash+quot.

Apparently, Windows Vista and its MSI engine doesn't support custom actions anymore. If you want to make your setup projects "worthy" of Vista, you should avoid using custom action.


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