I have this ASP.Net web control that has a property that is persisted as an inner property and sets some custom style attributes. Then there is another control that inherits from the first one and overloads this custom style property with another having the same name and returning a different type. All this is done via the new operator

Now, while this is perfectly acceptable from the standpoint of Object Oriented Programming and it compiles without any issues, I get a compile error when I actually use the property and save it in the aspx code. That is a limitation of ASP.Net and I could find no way to circumventing other than changing the name of the property. This would also be the case if you have two public properties that have the same name only differently cased.

While this second situation I understand, the first is really stupid. I am specifying the type of the control so there should be no issues with an overloaded property. I guess it has something to do with the persistence mechanism, but still... Annoying.


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