Well, I have been kind of absent from the blog lately and that is for several reasons. One is that I have been waiting for some news that would determine my direction as a professional developer. The other is that I have re-acquired a passion for chess. So, between work at the office, watching chess videos, playing chess with my PDA and watching all seven seasons of Star Trek Deep Space 9, I haven't had much time for blogging.

Also, when you think about it, the last period of my programming life has been in some sort of a limbo: switched from ASP.Net to WPF, then to ASP.Net again (while being promised it would be temporary), then back to WPF (but in a mere executive position). Meanwhile, Microsoft didn't do much to help me, and thus saw their profits plummet. Well, maybe it was a coincidence, but what if it wasn't?

I am complaining about Microsoft because I was so sold into the whole WPF/Silverlight concept, while I was totally getting fed up with web work. Yet WPF is slow, with no clear development pathway when using it, while Silverlight is essentially something else, supported by only a few platforms, and I haven't even gotten around to use it yet. And now the Internet Explorer 9/Windows 8 duo come in force placing Javascript and HTML5 in the forefront again. Check out this cool ArsTechnica blog post about Microsoft's (re)new(ed) direction.

All of this, plus the mysterious news I have been waiting for that I won't detail (don't want to jinx it :-S), but which could throw me back into the web world, plus the insanity with the mobile everything that has only one common point: web. Add to it the not too enthusiastic reaction of my blog readers when starting talking about WPF. So the world either wants web or I just have been spouting one stupid thing after another and blew my readers away.

All these shining signs pointing me towards web development also say that I should be relearning web dev with ASP.Net MVC, getting serious about Javascript, relearning HTML in its 5th incarnation and finally making some sense of CSS. Exciting and crazy at the same time. Am I getting too old for this shit or am I ready for the challenge? We'll just have to see, won't we?


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