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A while ago I wrote an entry about the series I have been trying to watch to relieve by boredom. Here is a new set:

Blood Ties - this one is a collection of stereotypes like cops using only paperwork, cop made detective, tough cop love, vampire looking like a young Michelangelo and helping the police, etc. It looks and feels like a 1980 show and it might just as well be one, with new actors. Bottom line: stay away from it. It sucks ass.

Dr. Who revisited - the wife likes this show and I've come to enjoy it, too. It is is silly at times, yes, but also very serious sometimes. I also admire that is a truly British production, with a lot of satire and a real effort to keep it about England. There is also an offshoot of Doctor Who, called Torchwood which is fun, but infested by the "agency" or "bureau" or "cop/fire station" bug.

Jericho felt a lot like Lost, a series that I totally despised. The premise is similar: a bunch of Westerners are stranded in an isolated place and must survive. There is even that sort of musical bang after something new appears in the show. Also, the same "we are holier than thou" attitude. But the show does have a point, it has a script, makes sense, sort of, and is a lot better than Lost overall. The main story is that the US are attacked by a lot of nukes, apparently terrorist acts, and there are these people in a small and annoying town called Jericho that must survive the lack of infrastructure, power, the thieving gangs, warmongers from other towns, etc.
Overall, a pretty nice show if you can stomach Pamela Reed, which I can, barely. A lot of American overdone morality and stuff so sweet that can lead to quick runs to the toilet, but overall, a nice watch.

Painkiller Jane is about a female cop that doesn't seem to be able to die. Based on comic books and using the same old and decrepit "secret group hunts another secret group" it is a show that sucks just as much as any. The only positive thing in it is Kristanna Loken :)

But now I am really out of shows. What can I do?! :-S


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