Usually, when I decide to blog on something, I do the testing and researching and installing first, then blog about it. But now I intend to use this cool site:
which boasts with installing all IE versions since 3.0 (oh, beloved 3.0) on the same computer without any problems. Since I am not a trusty guy, I blog about it before, then, if no one ever hears from me again, it means that no browser on any computer worked anymore after this :)

Well, without further due, let me proceed :-SS
Extra info:

Step 1: Installing IE7.
Of course I had to validate my copy of Windows to download it, then I had to download all updates (even if I went to Windows Update right before installing IE7), then wait until it searched my computer for malicious software, then installing everything. You can't imagine a smoother installer. It just tells you to wait and does everything in the background, showing you meaningless text labels, a cool progress bar and, of course, asking you to close everything before and restart Windows after the installation.
But it worked, and I am not writing this from Firefox :)

Step 2: Installing multiple-ie-setup.exe
Wow! It took around 1 minute to install everything. Of course, not everything is going as smoothly as planned. First of all, I can't see Blogger (and suposedly not any other cookie using site) in IE6.0. Then, it redirects me to a nocookies.html files that doesn't exist :-/ But that's a Blogger issue. The Options menu in IE6.0 is actually the IE7.0 menu and the settings for cookies cannot be overriden. Actually, you can, but the settings won't save.
After looking at the TrendoSoft site, I've noticed that this bug is considered solved, even if some of the people seem to continue to have problems. So I've tested more throughly. Session variables seems to be saved, but Blogger continues to take me to the nocookies page. Also, AjaxPro, the ajax library I am using, doesn't seem to work with IE 6.0.

All in all it seems a pretty functional program. However, the type of sites that I am building have certain characteristics that seem not to work with it. I will try to log on TrendoSoft and get the problem fixed, but I guess Yousif did the best he could so far and resolving every issue I have will be hard if not impossible.



I ran into the same problem. MultiIE not allowing cookies to work in IE6. Thanks for the blog post.


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