I believe this is something that any decent WPF programmer will laugh about, but there it is: I had this control derived from ContentControl and, of course, somewhere in the template I had a ContentPresenter. It all worked very well until I added a resizable option. I had two of these controls on the page, the first would contain a Grid, the other an ItemsControl. When I resized vertically the control, the ItemsControl would remain unchanged whether I made the height bigger or smaller. The Grid, though, would remain the same if enlarging the container and then squash when the size of the container got smaller than its auto size.

I have to say that I think my solution is really silly, but since it works: I've put a ScrollViewer control around the ContentPresenter in the my control template and then set its VerticalScrollBarVisibility to Hidden. This more or less is the same thing as setting overflow:hidden on the web.


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