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The problem is that Windows XP only accepts serial-ATA drivers from the floppy diskette. You don't have one. What are you to do?

Google gave me a few ideas, but I had to piece them together. So, here is what you need:
  1. download the SATA drivers for your laptop
  2. download Virtual Floppy Drive by Ken Kato - at this time it is at version 2.1 - if your SATA drivers are in the form of a floppy disk image generator (a single exe that asks for a disk in the floppy drive)
  3. download nLite - at this time
  4. get a windows XP installation disk
  5. have a writable CD and a CD writer ready

And here is what you do on another computer (one that is working :)) :
  1. (if you already have the SATA driver files, skip this)Go to My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager and disable your floppy drive, if you have any
  2. (if you already have the SATA driver files, skip this)Install and run Virtual Floppy Drive and create an empty image on A:
  3. (if you already have the SATA driver files, skip this)Run the stupid SATA drivers you downloaded - that only want a diskette to format with their files, they can't simply unzip them somewhere - and you will get the drivers in file form on the virtual diskette
  4. Start nLite and select the Drivers and the Bootable ISO options then Insert multiple drivers and give it the drive A: as a source
  5. Create the ISO image, then write it on a blank CD - writing CDs from images is different from just dragging and dropping files in the CD writer window, BTW

That should do it! Use the newly created CD as the XP installation disk without pressing F6 for loading SCSI drivers.


Satya Rao

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Satya Rao

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