The WPF Infragistics controls 9.2 feature a grid called the XamDataGrid, which has a lot of options and is better designed than the horrible web grid from the same company. I wanted to bind the grid to a DataSet, one that has two tables (Data and Details) that are connected through a data relation (named keyRelation). Also, the fields are not auto generated, but defined in the FieldLayouts block.

First step: define the field layouts. Then bind to the DataSet. No go. The only way I could see anything was if I bound to the first table in the dataset (Data). Even so, the fields that were shown were those from the second FieldLayout definition, not the first. After googling a while I finally found the answer: you need to have a Visible field that has the name of the data relation.

So, the final solution for binding a DataSet hierarchically to a XamDataGrid when AutoGenerateFields is set to false:
  1. Bind the XamDataGrid DataSource to the parent table (or its DataView)
  2. Define two FieldLayout sections in the FieldLayouts block for each of the tables
  3. Add a Field with the same name as the data relation between the two tables to the parent table FieldLayout block


<DataPresenter:Field Name="keyRelation" Visibility="Visible"/>


Shakti Shekhar

thanks a ton!!!... this post really helped me.

Shakti Shekhar

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