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Update: There are some major issues with this addon, because on some sites (like YouTube, but not only) Internet Explorer simply closes with an error. It has become more and more annoying until I've decided to uninstall it.

What a nice little gem this is. I've just installed it, so I can't really say it is all good, but from what I've seen so far it is a wonderful addition to Internet Explorer (7 or 8!).

A few of the features that I've already observed:
  • It automatically recovers the pages and tabs opened when an computer or INTERNET explorer crash occurred.
  • Small download manager, FireFox style
  • Ad blocker - although it doesn't protect you from the javascript errors that occur when blocking ads
  • Mouse gestures
  • Background preloading of links when computer is idle enough and DNS prefetching
  • User scripts that can do all kinds of stuff, from moving YouTube windows where there is space and then showing them bigger to showing frames next to Google search results so you can open and preview the sites directly.
  • Tab history manager

But it does so much more. I am quite amazed by it. So get it, it's free: IE7Pro


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