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"Oh, no! Siderite's blog has been hacked", you will think immediately. People who know me know how I feel about having children, and that is: I don't feel anything. I seem to lack that inner feeling that makes people procreate for no good reason. And while I am at the subject, I do not deny the existence of this feeling in the world and I don't believe most people are like described below, at least I hope so, but it just hit me that so many times, people have said something and meant another. I will elaborate. Stay assured, my blog was not hacked yet.

You know those dreams we have when we are young? We will get rich and famous, we will find true love, we will be the best at what we do, we can do anything if we want, we can quit anytime (but we don't want to), we will always have time to lose weight and go to the gym, etc. We actually believe those things will happen for most of our youth and early adulthood and some of us actually do something about it, while the most just expect it will happen if they wait long enough.

Well, after a while, reality hits home and we understand that we actually cannot do all of those things, maybe none of them and that our life will not get any better than it is on its own. Some people, at this moment in life, start thinking about children. This way they can delay losing hope by passing it on to their children. That's why many parents are disappointed with their offspring, not because they actually thought their children were special, but because they forced themselves to believe it. In the end, they spawn other normal people, just like them.

You may feel that I am too much of an asshole saying these things, even more than usual, but I don't think so. You see, the assholes are people who spontaneously start advising you to have children, like they already have or plan to. When they say that, they are saying "For a moment now, I thought you might be better than me and I felt a little threatened. Have some children, please, so I can feel better about myself". Have you ever heard the one about children "fulfilling you"? Do I look half full to you? My life does have meaning and I am quite happy with it. I don't need children, therefore I am not having any. If I look unhappy, it may be because I still have hopes for myself and I still believe I can do better. I get disappointed in myself because I expect a little more from me.

I had to write this post because the only times I actually considered having children for more than one second was when I was depressed for not doing something as well as I wanted or when not having time to fulfil ALL of my dreams. I just realised that. There was never a content, happy time in my life when the thought ever crossed my mind.

Now I know that alphish or hormonal males and females do naturally feel the need to have children. I understand the overall need for our species to procreate (although, not right now, when we are too many to fart without a human nose having to smell it). I also don't begrudge or disrespect people having children (as long as they keep them out of my face). However, think long and hard before you tell someone to have children. What is actually the reason you are saying that? Aren't you a bit of an asshole, even if it were any of your business?



Hihi, may I advise you to be not a father but an uncle? I have a nephew for you in mind :-p Anca


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