Just a thing I learned today: using the bitwise not operator (~) on a number in Javascript ignores its fractional part (it converts it to integer first), therefore using it twice gives you the integer part of original number. Thanks to fetishlace for clarifications.


  • this is equivalent to (int)number in languages that support the int type
  • this is equivalent to Math.trunc for numbers in the integer range
  • this is equivalent to Math.floor only for positive numbers in the integer range

~~1.3 = 1
~~-6.5432 = -6
~~(2 ** 32 + 0.5) = 0
~~10000000000 = 1410065408

P.S. If you don't know what ** is, it's called the Exponentiation operator and it came around in Javascript ES2016 (ES7) and it is the equivalent of Math.pow. 2 ** 3 = Math.pow(2,3) = 8


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