Wow, long title. The problem, however, is simple: when adding an inline Javascript script block that changes the window.location or window.location.href properties, FireFox and Chrome do not retain the original URL of the page in the browser history. The Back button doesn't work correctly.

Going to the Mozilla page for developers I find that both redirect methods are equivalent to location.assign(url) which implicitly sets the url in the browser history chain, as opposed to location.replace(url) which doesn't affect the history and just replaces the current URL. So I get to use one method and get the behaviour of the other!

Enough said. Long story short, the behaviour was not reproduced if the same script was being loaded in a button click event. That means it is another of those annoying Gecko page load completed issues.

The solution? Instead of location=url; use setTimeout(function() { location=url; },1);. I know, really ugly and stupid. If you find a better solution to cause a redirect from javascript, please let me know.


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