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I've just finished watching "Free Energy - the Race to Zero Point", which is a documentary of sorts listing ideas of ways to produce free energy with open systems, or getting a lot more efficiency than present systems. The speakers are authors of controversial books and editors at magazines names as crackpotty as possible. The narrator himself looks like a Hitchcock wannabe, presenting the end of the world. Heck, the film is not even listed on Imdb, therefore this blog entry.
But, even if I am mostly convinced that this is a piece of sensationalist propaganda and not true science, I am left wondering how much (if any) of this is truly real? Did Moray have a device that lit up light bulbs without fuel or batteries? Are the numerous inventors presented there just crackpots or do they have something? I find it difficult to believe that all video proof that was presented in the movies was faked. Why would they?
Yet most of all I resonated with the idea that is, unfortunately for this movie, presented by all featured people: economic interests reign supreme and devices that don't need to be connected to power grids, use oil or that can be regulated by established industries are not only avoided, but actively attacked. It does make sense, doesn't it?

So, without further due, here are some start up links from Wikipedia to help you make your own mind:
Zero-point energy
The Casimir effect
The Hutchison effect
Thomas Henry Moray
Cold fusion
Electrostatic levitation



There is no such thing as "free energy"... and I sincerly believe that you just saw, a movie full of crackpots. I don't believe there is such thing as a conspiracy that prevents cheeper forms of energy from emerging. (the US government finances cautiously research on cold fusion, even if it's a long shot). On the other hand, governments and energy corporations are pretty scared when it comes to individuals that begin to solve their own energy problems. Let's say that a Romanian wants to install some solar panels and a wind turbine in his backyard, and asks for permission to be connected to the grid.. (and payed for the surplus electricity he will provide). You will see a true conspiracy!!!


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