This will be a short post to describe my own stupidity. I was testing the new Entity Framework Plain Old CLR Objects (POCO) support and so I made a small test to:
  • Clear the database
  • Insert new items in the database
  • Select the items from the database, with and without related items

Every time I got the entire object tree, with child collection and parent objects, thus making me think that in this implementation of EF, the need to use Include was gone, instead an Exclude method was needed in order to tell the framework to NOT LOAD related objects! Insane!
After looking everywhere to find the answer, I finally turned to profiling SQL only to see that the database was not accessed with related items, but only what I had asked for. Then I had my "I'm an idiot!" moment. I was using the same context and EF knew the entire hierarchy of objects because (duh!) I had just inserted it a few code lines above. Using different contexts solved the "problem" and only returned the requested objects, making Include a necessity again.


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