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Book cover  Defiant successfully captivates the reader and ends the Skyward saga in a satisfactory YA... err... way. I think I figured Brandon Sanderson out! He takes these ridiculously basic plots, like headstrong teen girl pilot saves humanity and the universe from evil alien bureaucrats, and makes them work. But how? I think the trick is that neither does he use cardboard hero/villain characters that can't change, nor does he flip them around from hero to villain and vice versa like a soft porn high school show. Instead, he makes relatable heroes and villains that are so close to the edge that it fills the reader with anticipation. Yet they will never cross that line, even while changing and growing during the entire story. It takes some talent to give your characters growth, but also a back bone.

  That is why I basically sacrificed my sleep on the altar of finishing this book in a day. Damn you, Sanderson! I need my sleep!

  There is not much to say about the plot. Some interesting twists and really lovely dialogue and prose, but the story is quite straightforward. I don't see how a sequel could be written, as all threads end in a satisfactory and definitive way, so I believe this to be the last in the series. It was fun, but it's time to move on. In that way, I am actually grateful to the author that he didn't leave me in one of those in-between states where your heart wants more and your brain thinks that would be stupid.

  Bottom line: if you've read all the books and novellas in the series, you will obviously read this one regardless of what I would say, but I will say it anyway: it was good and I am glad it's over. If you're new to this, start from the beginning, it will be a sweet ride.


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