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Main characters together  OK, so I really don't like Battle Royale kind of crap. I didn't like the games, I didn't like the manga and I didn't like the movies. The idea that people would want to live so much that they would just risk everything, kill everybody and entertain their captors feels offensive to me. Yet regardless of the genre and my aversion to it, Deadman Wonderland is a dumb story, with dumb characters and unoriginal ideas. Imagine a combination of Jojo's Adventures and Squid Game, but without any of the nuance or intelligence of either. Kids with special powers in a prison fighting each other under the control of psychopathic wardens.

  I stopped watching almost immediately. You can't portray the audience of the "hunger games" in the story as mindless soulless ghouls, manipulated and entertained by psychos, and expect me to be entertained by the content of the show. But even if I didn't make that connection, everybody was acting like they were mentally retarded. No, thanks!


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