The thing to do is use .Net 2.0 web parts and override CreateEditorParts or implement IWebEditable on generic controls that are not web parts.

A good link on how to do that (once you know what to look for, duh!) is How to get EditorParts working in your WebParts.

Another link that summarises different solutions for several issues with web parts is WSS 3.0 webparts development. A quote that is relevant to this blog entry:

Toolpanes can be customized in a number of ways. A web part by itself can declare custom toolparts which show up in the toolpane by overriding the GetToolParts method (WSS WebPart) or CreateEditorParts (ASP.NET WebPart).

A developer can also customize the toolpane generically by supporting the ICustomizeToolpane interface (which allows you to redefine the structure of the toolpane UI) or supporting IAddToGallery (which allows you to add new gallery "tabs").

I am still working on clarifying that out as the documentation from MSDN is almost non existent on the subject. It appears that using ICustomizeToolPane is only supported for Sharepoint web parts and not for ASP.Net web parts. I yet know of no other way of changing the toolpane except by using some javascript from the web part editor (which would suck) and it might not even be possible.

Update: The rest of this post is not longer relevant. I believe it is the way it was done in the old Sharepoint days, when Sharepoint web parts were not based on ASP.Net 2.0.

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