This video is hilarious just because it is so true. B movie legend Bruce Campbell is telling them as he sees them. Don't miss his upcoming movie "My Name is Bruce" in which he stars as himself battling demons! I can't find it anywhere for now, but I will keep searching.

Update: I found it, having been delayed for a year for redoing some scenes with extra budget, but it failed. :( I almost did not find it funny. Better luck next time.

Also, you might find useful the information that he played in all three Spiderman movies. And, as he says himself in another youtube clip, if he didn't name the hero in the first film, the entire franchise would have now been named "The Human Spider", while in the second, as the doorman of a cinema in which Spiderman did not enter, Bruce Campbell is the only person that ever defeated Spidey! :)

This man is just hilarious, watch this clip and all the Bruce Campbell Movies you can get your hands on.

Update: trust lawyers to screw with my blog. I had to replace the youtube video above with one from a live performance. Pretty much the same idea, only the interview was funnier and more complete.


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