A small part of a screenshot Bookmark Explorer, a Chrome browser extension that allows you to navigate inside bookmark folders on the same page, saving you from a deluge of browser tabs, has now reached version 2.4.0. I consider it stable, as I have no new features planned for it and the only changes I envision in the near future is switching to ECMAScript 6 and updating the unit test (in other words, nothing that concerns the user).

Let me remind you of its features:

  • lets you go to the previous/next page in a bookmark folder, allowing sequential reading of selected news or research items
  • has context menu, popup buttons and keyboard shortcut support
  • shows a page with all the items in the current bookmark folder, allowing selection, deletion, importing/exporting of simple URL lists
  • shows a page with all the bookmarks that were deleted, allowing restoring them, clearing them, etc.
  • keyboard support for both pages
  • notifies you if the current page has been bookmarked multiple times
  • no communication with the Internet, it works just as well offline - assuming the links would work offline, like local files
  • absolutely free

Install it from Google's Chrome Web store.


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