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There are a lot of movies about aliens, creatures from another world, coming here for whatever reason and trying to communicate. They usually are well versed in English, but sometimes they use some other language like the Klingons or they snarl and rip you to pieces or, sometimes, have to find a protocol of communication first, by using mathematics, gestures or music (like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind). Yet none of those creatures astound me more than some of the people on Earth doing things I could never ever imagine doing and using it to communicate.

One of these people is Michael Moschen, who uses juggling as language of sorts in order to comunicate his perception of time, space and movement. You can watch a small demo he gave at TED and have your own say:

You can see that he uses separate elements to create, to build, larger ansembles. He uses juggling moves like a language, with structure and building blocks and architecture. Now, what would we do if aliens would want to talk to us by moving objects around and making sounds with their limbs? Would be build a computer that can be programmed by juggling? Would we immediately fly in Michael Moschen as the Earth ambassador? Or is it too science fiction to imagine alien creatures communicating in the same way some people do?


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