I needed a dynamic menu control for my site. So, of course, I tried to use the ASP.Net Menu control (with its many failings when following CSS standards). It was a painful failure. It didn't work in either Internet Explorer 8 or FireFox 3! That was especially strange since I had used the control in a bunch of sites and it worked back then!

Long story short:
<DynamicMenuStyle CssClass=adjustedCssIndex />
where adjustedCssIndex is a CSS class that specifies the z-index property:
.adjustedCssIndex { z-index:100; }

Long story, it seems that the control assumes there is a default z-index value set by the browsers; Bertrand Le Roy from Microsoft says as much in his blog, and discloses a patch fix.

However, as you can see in that post's comments, there is also a very simple CSS fix to all of this, by specifying the z-index.


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