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This is a little YouTube video that shows a photoshoot of Angelina Jolie's when she was a teen. As you will see, she is a lovely looking girl, but that is not the reason I am posting this in my blog. The reason is the feeling that I am having watching this: dread. Here is a 16 years old girl, faking all the emotions in all the pictures that are made of her, with an ice cool professionalism, chewing gum when the film is being changed in the camera. You can imagine what kind of pictures will result from this shoot, when all of this is probably filmed in a small humid room with people watching TV at its more stupidest. Can you imagine trying to concentrate with that noise around? If you ever thought Angelina got to where she is because of her looks only, think again. This little human robot has good programming.

Angelina Jolie - Bikini modeling from 1992 (Photoshoot)


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