book cover WPF Unleashed is a 2006 book in the Unleashed series about the new Microsoft paradigm on visual interaction, written by Adam Nathan. Windows Presentation Foundation is now the default Windows graphics framework, overriding Windows Forms, and it is based on XAML, which is used in Windows desktop applications, Silverlight applications, directly in Internet Explorer and even as a document template.

The book is nicely written, covering all the main characteristics of WPF, the functionality, the problems and tips on stuff that is not so clear. It also contains "Digging deeper" sections where some of the works "under the hood" are revealed. The book focuses more on the XAML implementation (the declarative part) rather that the code one, and I was happy to see that the code was written in C#.

All in all I liked the book and I wish I had more time to parse it completely. So far I've read the basic stuff (without the fancy graphics) so the first 10 chapters and I will wait for a moment of respite so I can detail some of the stuff I found in the book and how to implement them.


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