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Two articles in today's BBC News: Bush spares Libby from jail term and 'Scepticism' over climate claims.

The first talks about Bush, very concerned about the "excessiveness" of the jail sentence for Lewis Libby, a vice-presidential aide tried and convicted for purposefully disclosing the name of an undercover CIA agent in order to harm her husband who opposed the war in Iraq and then perjury and obstructing justice. The sentence was 2.5 years in jail (a lot less than stealing something), but the president of the United States decided it is ... excessive. Hailed as a victory of justice, the whole trial was negated by this one action of president Bush. Who knows what this Libby guy has on him?
I was incredulous at first, as I was yesterday when I was reading an article about banning superfoods in Europe, stuff like blueberries, salmon, spinach and soy. But it was the name 'superfood' that was banned, not the food itself, so I had reasons to be incredulous after all. But what about this? How can one stand and watch the whole media being grossly manipulated, the population lied to and sent to war on bogus reasons, then, when people get convicted for this, they get sprung out of jail by Bush! To tell you the truth I am still incredulous. I must have misread something.

The second article talks about the public perception of climate change in Great Britain. Apparently, 56% still think that global warming is a matter of debate. By the time they "think" global warming is a problem, they will probably be boiling in their own air conditioning juice. What does it need to make them see? Sinking of the British isles? A tornado in London? Hell freezing over?


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