Today I've updated my computer with the latest patches from Microsoft and then, starting a project, I noticed that it didn't look right in Internet Explorer 8. For example a table with an empty td of width 1px looked as if having 4px. Setting it to 2px or above made it look of having 2px or whatever value I had chosen. I have solved the situation by adding content to the td in question (a simple  ), but before today I have not had this problem.

Update: This blog post was previously called "Microsoft updates breaking changes?" but in the meanwhile I have determined what the problem was. It was the zoom! I had my IE set to 75% zoom. That caused the weird behaviours and appearance.

The solution is still working, but the problem should be rephrased as "Why do the widths of td elements behave strangely when setting smaller zoom in Internet Explorer?".

Just for kicks I tried duplicating the problem using the zoom:75% style setting on body and, even if it looked bad too, it was a completely different behaviour.


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