This is a message I got from the UpdatePanel Shrinker in a site we built:
Shrinkage: from 70000 to 10 = 0.014%.

Almost a year ago I thought of a way of compressing the UpdatePanel asynchronous output based on the previously sent information and created the UpdatePanel Shrinker. I waited all this time to test it and also I've used it in some small projects.

From today, the project is on Github, with an MIT licence, that means do whatever you want with it, but I would appreciate some words from you.

As for the details: it uses a sort of fast and dirty home made diff algorithm to compare the previously sent output for an UpdatePanel with the current one. The problem is that the effect can only be seen from the second async postback on, but when used, it yields fantastic compression rates.

You can use it for sites that are accessed from Internet challenged locations, for sites that have complex Ajax interactions and for sites that you "Ajaxify". And before I get angry comments from purists, yes, I know it is more efficient to use Ajax in a smart way to solve each problem in the best possible way, but if you just want the quick and dirty solution, like a MasterPage with a ScriptManager, an UpdatePanel and the page content in it, the Shrinker is the thing for you.

Take care to look in the Debug Output window. The shrinker will output the compression rate and any warnings it might have.



Thank you for your kind words! Take the version from CodePlex, though, it has some performance improvements and bug fixes.


Ran Davidovitz

We are using it in our application and it works great. Great job, i really think you need to be in touch with Scott Guthrie about it.

Ran Davidovitz

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