Update February 2016:If you just want to disable R#, like it is not installed, go to Tools → Options → ReSharper → Suspend/Resume

I've been using ReSharper (R#) for a long time now and I can tell you that if you are a Visual Studio C# developer and you are not using it, you are missing out. These guys must have the greatest job in the world: develop for developers. Or could it be the worst job, since doctors always make the worst patients? anyway...

I have been preaching about ReSharper for about 4 years now and the most common complaint from people new to it is that it makes things go slowly in certain situations. The thing is, R# is doing so much stuff in the background, that I find it amazing it moves so fast as it does. It is a valid complaint to want to have the same speed of typing and moving around that you have in the normal Visual Studio environment and still have the many features provided by ReSharper.

So, my solution was to have a command to "pause" the ReSharper analysis until I need it. The scenario would be:
  • Suspend analysis and regain swiftness of typing
  • Write your fingers off, since you already know what to type and even Intellisense feels like slowing you down
  • Resume the analysis and get all the R# goodness
In other words, something like writing your code in notepad and then copy pasting it all in the VS window.

Well, as most of the time, the R# have thought about it already! You have two possible options. One is using the commands ReSharper_Suspend, ReSharper_Resume and ReSharper_ToggleSuspended. You can either bind them in the Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard to whatever combination you desire, or go to Tools -> Options -> ReSharper -> General and use the Suspend button. This is equivalent to enabling/disabling the ReSharper addon. Since it is a very large addon and needs a lot of resources and hooks, this option is terribly slow. It does have the advantage of freeing all memory used by R#. The second option is more what I was having in mind: the command ReSharper_EnableDaemon. It sounds kind of like "Release the Kraken!" and it works in a similar way. What it does is suspend/enable code analysis on the current file! It is already bound as a global shortcut on Ctrl-Alt-Shift-8. It works almost instantly and enables the scenario I wanted.

Bottom line: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-8 to suspend/resume code analysis on the current file so you can type like your livelyhood depends on it. Again, thank you, JetBrains!

Update: It seems on older versions of ReSharper (not 5), the shortcut is Ctrl-8.


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