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A colleague of mine hit a strange bug today. It so happened that we use a bastardized dependency injection method that takes into account the WCF session before returning an implementation of an interface. In a piece of code the injection failed and we couldn't see why for a while. Let me give you a simplified version:
var someManager=Package.Get<IManager>();
var someDTOs=Cache.GetDatabaseObjects().Select(x=>x.Pack());

public class DataObject {
public string Data {get;set;}
public DataObjectDTO Pack() {
var anotherManager=Package.Get<IAnother>();
return new DataObjectDTO {

Package.Get will attempt to find a session object and if not it will use another mechanism, but if it finds one, it will only use it if it is not expired or invalid, else throwing an exception. This code failed in the Pack method, when trying to get an instance of IAnother. Please take a few moments to reflect on why (and no, it's not that between calls the session expired).

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