I've accidentally stumbled upon Star Wreck, a Finnish film that parodies Star Trek and Babylon 5. The special effects are as good if not better than the original shows, the parody is cool and very funny and the fact that the film was made by some unknown guys in a makeshift studio gives it a lot of extra points. Not to mention that this is one film Danezia is very unlikely to comment on :D

What's even better is that the movie is freely downloadable from the net, so the major drive for the film was fun! When did you last see a movie made for fun, not money?

Update: Spoken too soon, apparently. After a while the film was released on DVD and removed as a download. But still, while it lasted it was cool.

All fans of Star Trek and B5 will love this.

You can also watch it here, but it's lower quality and maybe it will disappear after a while. Enjoy!


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