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It happened to everyone: you opened a bunch of sites and you have to go or restart your computer or something like that. You would like to save those tabs for later reference. Well, Internet Explorer does have something built in to take care of this, but it's kind of stupid. A third party software would be far better.

But anyway, you are in a hurry, you want a quick solution and I have two for you:
1. Make sure you have set Warn me when closing multiple tags in Internet Options, then close your browser. It will ask you if you want to close all tabs, click on Show Options, check Open these next time I use Internet Explorer.

2. Go to Internet Options and then just click Use current in the Home page section. It will set all your open sites as home pages.

In Firefox things are far better. Just right click on the tabs bar and bookmark all. It will ask you to save them with a name. Then just go to the Bookmarks menu and reload them.


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