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Long story short: the BackgroundWorker object. Available in .NET 2.0
This is a Microsoft tutorial on using BackgroundWorker:
How to: Run an Operation in the Background
This is an older and more Windows Forms basic tutorial on multithreading:
Safe, Simple Multithreading in Windows Forms, Part 1
Safe, Simple Multithreading in Windows Forms, Part 2

BackgroundWorker has the DoWork, ProgressChanged, RunWorkerCompleted, and Disposed events. You need to assign at least one method for DoWork and one for RunWorkerCompleted, then run
The DoWork method should do something like
while the RunWorkerCompleted method should do anything related to the GUI. There is also a CancelAsync() method, to try to stop a background operation.

Also, here is an article about a possible bug in BackgroundWorker, but I haven't replicated it on my computer.


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