I've just installed Resharper 2.0. It still has little bugs, but it has that system where you can remember and ignore a set of errors.

What can I say? It's a the greatest software tool EVER. It can generate code, complete code, suggest changes, basically what Resharper 1.5 did, but
now it's WAY better.

The best thing in 2.0 I think it's Live Templates. They work like macros, but from just a few key presses and are way easy to configure. Imagine you
want to do something like :

throw new Exception("Any message");

all you have to do is type thr[Tab] and you get

throw new Exception(""); and the cursor between the quotes.

Of course that means also: itterating through a dictionary, creating for loops, transforming types into other types, automatic creation of aspx code
like datagrid columns, etc.

You want to put a piece of code in an if block, a region or a try catch, just select the code , press ctrl-alt-J and choose the type of block.
You want to add the properties and methods of an object inside your class to your class, just press Alt-Insert and choose the object and the members and you have them all in your class, referenced to the internal object and commented!

The Live Template system includes a scope of the template. That means that the template for creating a new method will not work inside a method, or
aspx code will not be generated into a cs file, etc.

Other two nice tools that I've found are :

- CommentReFlower - which takes care of the comments in your code. Not terribly useful, but time saving when you need to comment code
- RegionsAddIn - it allows you to take pieces of code and move them into regions, or create new ones.

Both are addins for visual studio 2003.



<p>Oh, and they are free, resharper is not.</p>



<p>Yes, you are right, I've installed the plugins before I switched to Resharper 2.0. Although they are more easily accesible than the same functionality in Resharper.</p>


Oleg Stepanov

<p>You can use ReSharper to substitute almost all functionality of the other two plugins you listed: with Control+/ and Control+Shift+/ you can comment/uncomment a block of code and with ReSharper 2.0's File Structure View you can organize your code with regions easily.</p>

Oleg Stepanov

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