I've just installed Resharper 2.0. It still has little bugs, but it has that system where you can remember and ignore a set of errors.

What can I say? It's a the greatest software tool EVER. It can generate code, complete code, suggest changes, basically what Resharper 1.5 did, but
now it's WAY better.

The best thing in 2.0 I think it's Live Templates. They work like macros, but from just a few key presses and are way easy to configure. Imagine you
want to do something like :

throw new Exception("Any message");

all you have to do is type thr[Tab] and you get

throw new Exception(""); and the cursor between the quotes.

Of course that means also: itterating through a dictionary, creating for loops, transforming types into other types, automatic creation of aspx code
like datagrid columns, etc.

You want to put a piece of code in an if block, a region or a try catch, just select the code , press ctrl-alt-J and choose the type of block.
You want to add the properties and methods of an object inside your class to your class, just press Alt-Insert and choose the object and the members and you have them all in your class, referenced to the internal object and commented!

The Live Template system includes a scope of the template. That means that the template for creating a new method will not work inside a method, or
aspx code will not be generated into a cs file, etc.

Other two nice tools that I've found are :

- CommentReFlower - which takes care of the comments in your code. Not terribly useful, but time saving when you need to comment code
- RegionsAddIn - it allows you to take pieces of code and move them into regions, or create new ones.

Both are addins for visual studio 2003.



Oh, and they are free, resharper is not.



Yes, you are right, I've installed the plugins before I switched to Resharper 2.0. Although they are more easily accesible than the same functionality in Resharper.


Oleg Stepanov

You can use ReSharper to substitute almost all functionality of the other two plugins you listed: with Control+/ and Control+Shift+/ you can comment/uncomment a block of code and with ReSharper 2.0's File Structure View you can organize your code with regions easily.

Oleg Stepanov

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