I was updating the content of a span element via AJAX when I noticed that the content was duplicated. It was no rocket science: get element, replace content with the same thing that was rendered when the page was first loaded, just with updated values. How could it be duplicated?

Investigating the DOM in the browser (any browser, btw) I've noticed something strange: When the page was first loaded, the content was next to the container element, not inside it. I've looked at the page source, only to see that it was, by all counts, correct. It looked something like this:
. The DOM would show the div inside the paragraph element and the table as the sibling of the paragraph element. The behavior was fixed if the page DOCTYPE was changed from XHTML into something else.

It appears that block elements should not be inside layout elements, like p. The browsers are attempting to "fix" this problem and so they change the DOM, assuming that if a table starts inside the paragraph, then you must have forgotten to close the paragraph. If I was adding it via ajax, the browser did not seem to want to fix the content in any way, as I was manipulating the DOM directly and there was no parsing phase.


Darryl Tay

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Darryl Tay

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