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Poster of an angry man with red eyes and a partial Oni mask  The premise of Ninja Kamui is interesting: superhuman ninjas join forces with a Mark Zuckerberg caricature in order to control the world. Yet some people left their shinobi order and decided to lead their own lives and that cannot be tolerated. So high-tech ninjas, a combination of robot and magical fight techniques, are sent to kill these deserters. Inevitably, one gets pissed and decides to kill the assholes. The animation is very good and the initial idea great.

  But from then it just goes downward: the same boring Shōnen tropes, the faceless armies of disposable goons and their sadistic freak of a commander that need to die every episode, the dedicated policeman and the sexy hacker sidekicks, the cruel shinobi overlord, the psychopathic but weak man in power. Even the fights are derivative, bringing almost nothing to the table.

  Worse, this is an original anime production, meaning you can't go online and read the manga and they release one episode per week on HBO. Best wait until its inevitable cancelation and watch it all at once.


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