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I will just summarise the series I've seen or came in contact with after the sad loss of Stargate :'(.

First of all: Ugly Betty (the US version). My wife watches it. It sucks ass! It's just like a gayified, pointless conveyor belt of clichees, mostly stolen from other clichee series of "romantic comedies". The only bit of originality comes from the original Colombian Ugly Betty. The premise: ugly girl with huge heart in the world of fashion. All possible violence or tension has been stripped off, though.

Next: Doctor Who. After having seen the wonderful reinventing of Battlestar Galactica, I kind of hoped that Dr. Who would be just as great. I haven't seen the original series, but this one is plain silly. I still watch it, but it's like watching Charmed. Lots of ridiculous comedy with a sci-fi twist. The premise is that an alien, last of his race, is travelling through time and space to ... watch history unfolding. He takes along Billie Piper, who is terribly cute, but that's about all that is good in the show.

Numb3rs! Now here is a show that is obviously planned from a recipe, but I like it. The premise of the show is that a brilliant mathematician is helping his FBI brother solve cases. And I swear my previous post about superhero mathematicians was written before I even heard of this show. The show has high quality values, both in police/military strategy, budget and human relationships. The math, though, is really basic, but it just had to be, obviously. I think of it as a science popularisation police show.

If anyone knows of a good sci fi show or at least a decent mainstream one, please let me know. I am in withdrawal already, torn between the loss of my fantasy world and the complete boredom of my real one. I don't even have time to fantasize! Boo-hoo!


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