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The whole meeting took place at the Titulescu room at RomExpo. They had 4 desks that spanned the alphabetical ordering of software firms participating, so the entry was really comfortable. They gave us a pen and a little notebook to take notes, too. The whole meeting lasted from 9:00-16:30, then there was an hour of free talks.
My general impression of the briefing was good. The presenters were enthusiastic and talked about: application development on Windows Vista with NET 3.0 and Sharepoint and Office 2007. The new Microsoft XML office format was presented, programatic methods of accessing and creating them, how to mix Sharepoint and Office in order to create quick Excel based web sites, etc. The most interesting part, though, was of course the last. It presented the advances in programming technology like the C# 3.0 features and ADO.Net vNext. Too bad I've already read about those technologies, but the enthusiastic presentation mode (alas, SPOKEN TOO LOUD) was refreshing.
The information was as compacted as possible, but there was too little code for me, even if most presenters seemed to have the same hatred for marketing slides as I did.
There were also 30 minutes of coffee break and 1 hour of lunch. The lunch food was very good and varied, from chinese apetizers like sesame meatballs and Shanghai chicken to sandwiches, salads and sweets. Taking into account that I've been to a similar Microsoft thing in Milano, where they barely gave us some sandwiches in plastic bags, this was truly great.


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