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I noticed that some links in the blog, for example YouTube links, did not show in the dialog that opens when you just click on the link. That is caused by a security improvement in modern browsers and I've changed the script to open the link normally in another window for the YouTube domains. However, there might still be sites that have this issue and I urge you to tell me about links that do not open in the dialog (aka, a black window that shows nothing) so I can fix the script for those domains as well. As usual, the workaround for this (or for if you don't like the dialog) is to middle click the link and it will open in a new tab.

Update: I've solved the problem, somehow, by filtering the domains (you report) that have the issue and making it so that links leading to them open in a new tab/window. Also, I added a link to the iframe so that if it does not load, you can click on the link and open it in another tab/window. Sorry for the inconvenience so far.


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