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My preferred method of watching SciFi is to download it from the Internet. I have these shows that I watch religiously, even if they are not all very good. But given the low quality and scarceness of scifi these days, that's all I've got. One of these shows is Stargate, a series that spun from a Kurt Russel movie and that managed to reach 13 seasons together with its offshoot, Atlantis.

Anyway, my method is to watch for the show air dates, then look for it on the Internet the next day. However, once I happened to find the entire Atlantis series for a few weeks way before the release date. Now it happened again. Stargate and Atlantis episodes till July are on the net. I am now watching them all. The quality is way down, the self-irony of the writers has gone way up, but they are there. What's going on?

Oh, damn! Having just seen Stargate episode 20 of season 10, I've learned that there is not going to be a season 11 anymore. That being the reason why the show has been released online, probably. SciFi Channel cancelled the show. MGM, the owners of the Stargate francise, promised two Stargate movies, as you can see in this article.

Devastating as this is, considering the total lack of climax or seriousness of both season 3 of Atlantis and season 10 of SG1, ending Stargate to turn it into something better might not be a bad idea. I just lack the confidence that profit driven corporations have the right stuff to create something that should be art and brain driven.

Ah, that's that. Another decent scifi show bites the dust. I'll be watching Battlestar Galactica till it gets completely Lost (pun intended) in new "spiritual" developments.

For the melancholics, watch these videos released on YouTube as 200th Stargate special and this little video, which is a fun one, and I believe fits perfectly with the topic of this article:[another youtube deleted video, guh!]


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