So I have returned from the holidays, but I have still a ton of stuff to organize before I get my mojo back. I will probably start writing entries from next monday, featuring the holiday to Greece, books I've read, TV series that I am watching and, hopefully, something related to programming, too :)

However, I have amassed a few small things that I wanted to say and are minute enough to not deserve their own blog post, so here are some of them:
  • I have watched the British TV mini series called The Deep. It stars lovely Minnie Driver, but the show is utter crap! I couldn't believe how bad it was. So, don't watch it!
  • Internet Explorer 9 beta was released and it is downloadable. However, when trying to install it at home it said I cannot install IE9 on a Windows XP machine and I must upgrade the operating system. Verboten! Here is a hearty Fuck you! from me, Microsoft. When are you going to get that no one prefers Windows 7 to XP?
  • I've finally watched The Expendables. Imagine one of those really low budget TV movies with heroes killing faceless bad guys in huge explosions, only with known people in the underdevelopped and badly written roles. Fail!


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